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Aerospace fuses and Military fuses are a Genelco specialty.  We are proud to offer Bussman Low Voltage, Branch Circuit Rated Fuses and Fuse Holders to support our commercial and military platforms worldwide.  Branch-circuit listed fuses are designed to prevent the installation of fuses that cannot provide a comparable level of protection for critical equipment. The characteristics of branch-circuit fuses are:

1. They must have a minimum interrupting rating of 10,000 amps.
2. They must have a minimum voltage rating of 125 volts.
3. They must be size rejecting such that a fuse of a lower voltage rating cannot be installed in the circuit.
4. They must be size rejecting such that a fuse with a current rating.

These fuses are designed to be key components for complete Power management systems in aerospace, military and other commercial industries and are a reliable overcurrent protective device.

Some of our more popular MS part numbers include:

For further information on how Genelco Industries can provide solutions for your fuse, fuse holder and complete power management needs reach us at 631-981-6670 - toll free: 800-645-9802 – email:


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